Stormin Audio are pleased to offer 1to1 DJ tuition courses. Whether you want to DJ for fun or elevate yourself to a professional level, we have something to suit all experiences.

Our Bedfordshire based courses are suited to our customers needs to ensure you learn exactly what you want to at a pace you are comfortable with.

Trying to get to expert, from beginner?

We can teach beginners to advanced on all types of software platforms, including, Serato and Rekordbox.

From CDJ’s to Vinyl, we cover it in our friendly & professional Studio.

Our Teaching Method;

We do not have any one-size fits all teaching method that we always apply. Every student is different and everyone will learn in their own way.

We have years of experience, tips and tricks which we find can be drawn upon as seems appropriate to each individual student.

We do not operate like a traditional classroom. As each student wants to learn to mix or DJ with their own favourite music we aim wherever possible to allow them all plenty of time alone, in headphones, working on their own ideas. We then offer tips, advice or answer queries as they arise.

Occasionally we will stop the flow of learning to teach a specific new technique that is appropriate to all students.


To include:

– Basic mixing skills

– Correct equipment use

– Understanding music


To include:

– Improving techniques

– Advanced equipment use

– File management

Advanced and specialist courses: tailored to your requirements, details upon request.


4 Hour 1to1 DJ Course (4x 1 Hour) – £100

6 Hour 1to1 DJ Course (6x 1 Hour) – £150

8 Hour 1to1 DJ Course (8x 1 Hour) – £200

1 Hour lessons – £25

Specialist Course – Contact us…

Monday – Friday 6pm – 10pm

Saturday/Sunday 12pm – 6pm